Meeting days

I feel a bit like I am just rushing from one meeting to the next at the moment. On the plus side, I have the privilege to meet very interesting and inspiring people, and each meeting seems to bring me one step closer to achieving the aims of my project. However, on the minus side, I am starting to get exhausted and I very much look forward to leaving Honiara tomorrow.

But back to the good side, I met the Head of the Solomon Islands Government Climate Change Office, Mr Hudson Kauhiona, the Director of the National Museum, Mr Tony Heroake, the Head of the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service, Mr David Hiba, as well as a member of staff from the GIS team at the Ministry of Environment and a fisheries management advisor from the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency. All very nice and welcoming people and several interesting opportunities for collaboration arose out of these meetings which I will follow up on in the future.

Tomorrow I will leave the busy capital behind and will spend the next four weeks in South Malaita. I am very much looking forward to a more peaceful, pristine environment. Together with Desmond Waita and Bishop Rickson, I will fly to Parasi where I will spend a day at the Bishop’s place, visit a local school and then travel to Fanalei Island, my first case study site on Saturday.

Due to a fortunate coincidence, Bishop Willie from Chester diocese will catch a boat to Fanalei tomorrow. So most of my equipment will come with Bishop Willie to Fanalei. I am a bit nervous not to have my suitcase around me, but I am sure that it’s in very good hands. Excited to start my journey to Malaita!

Beautiful side of Honiara
And the not so beautiful side

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