Solomon Islands National University

I visited the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) today to learn more about climate change research conducted at the institution. Researchers and lecturers at SINU were all very welcoming and I had a very productive meeting with the head of the Environment Department, George Horoasia, and one of the lecturers of the Environmental Science Diploma programme, Moses Asitarau.

Climate change is currently taught as a semester-long course at the School of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences. It encompasses different aspects of climate change, from the physics to the socio-economic implications and policy frameworks. Both George and Moses are very interested in suppprting our project and getting involved in designing a course on climate change for the theological colleges of ACoM as well as supervising small student projects on the analysis of data that will be collected by the observatory.

I also met with Michael Ha’apio who obtained his PhD in climate change impacts from the University of the South Pacific and currently works on the creation of a new institute of islands, ocean and sustainability at the university. It was very interesting to learn more about his PhD project in which he studied adaptation strategies for communities in the Solomon Islands as well as his efforts to establish a new research institute at SINU. Very inspiring person!

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