Feeling like a tourist for a day

Today, I met Lionel and Casper from the ACoM project office who work on climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness in local communities. The Anglican Church has initiated some really interesting projects in the past couple of years and I’m excited to learn more about them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Moreover, I was introduced to Guus and Igi, two filmmakers who will travel to Ontong Java this week to do a documentary about the people on the atoll and how they have already been impacted by climate change. The project sounds absolutely fascinating and I’m very happy that we found some ways in which we can support each other’s work.

The two meetings were my only program for the day so I had a full afternoon to enjoy in Honiara. I went back to the market and had a closer look at the local arts and crafts section and also did some clothes shopping in one of the many second hand shops in town.

I spent my evening with Gus and Igi at the Coral Sea Resort. The resort is located outside the centre and has a beautiful view over the sea. For the first time during my trip, I had a feeling of tropical island paradise and relaxation.

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