Welcome at ACoM

Today is my second day in Honiara and, thanks to 12 hours of sleep, I feel like re-born.

I was officially welcomed at the headquarters of the Anglican Church of Melanesia this morning. Fr Nigel and ACoM’s General Secretary, Dr Abraham, have been really welcoming and ready to help me with my immigration paperwork. During lunch time prayer, I also had the chance to meet the remainder of the lovely staff.

In the afternoon, I visited the vast central market. It’s definitely an experience! I have never seen anything like it before. My first impression was that it’s a big chaos: so many people, so many products, so many different smells. I walked around for an hour before I finally bought some vegetables and fruits that I knew how to prepare. I will definitely need to come back to learn more about the products that were unknown to me.

Following my visit to the market, I had a very prodcutive meeting with representatives of the Solomon Islands Development Trust, a local NGO which has been working on rural development in the Solomon Islands since 1982. The Solomon Islands Development Trust will soon launch a project on climate change adaptation on Ontong Java atoll including livelihood adaptation pathway training and climate change awareness training.

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